Support Squad

I’ve created my very own support squad over the past few years!

The reality of recovery is it’s full of unexpected twists and turns, feelings of frustration and sadness. Not all days are good days. What I’ve found that helps me is having support from family and friends and an amazing community around me. You have to keep your head held high and know that these hard days won’t last forever. I’m anxious to be healed and get back to being active, but I do love all this quality time with my big guy Oliver and my amazing #StefStrong support system.

Say ‘hello’ to a few of my support staples. A few who have helped me through the worst and the best days. As I learn more about myself and what I’m capable of, I’m feeling more independent. 

It’s a big step for me – figuring out my independence and my days all on my own – for the first time since I was injured. But it’s one I felt completely ready for.

Meet Oliver.

When I first brought Ollie home, it was for a very specific reason – emotional support. I was searching for a way to find some happiness, which is exactly what Ollie has given me. At first, he was like my own personal security blanket for when I felt nervous or anxious. He’s trained with a few different tasks to make life a bit easier for me, but really, he’s just family, best friend, and back-seat companion all in one!

Meet Stacey.

Say ‘hello’ to my mom, Stacey! My mom and I have always been close. As you can imagine, we’ve grown even closer since our accident. My mom was one of the nine passengers injured on the boat that June day.

While battling her own injuries, she stayed with me at the hospital in Florida for five months. There were times when she’s been a nurse, advocate, social worker, and many more labels all in one, but most importantly, she’s always been exactly what I need – my mom. 

Every new road I explore, and every new path I pursue, she’s right beside me, each time.

Meet Kate.

Kate Moser has been my longtime physical therapist at Back on Track, my hometown physical therapy facility. She pushes me during my sessions and always believes in me. Since day one she’s been there, always wanting the very, very best for me. We spend our days sweating through the pain and celebrating the milestones. Kate has become a dear friend to me – she’s family.

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