#StefFindsNewRoads: The Journey Begins

The injuries that I sustained in June of 2018 left me with a long, hard battle to fight for recovery. This was not something that could be fixed with a procedure or surgery, or even a month or two of physical therapy. This would require thirty surgeries and months of intensive therapy. During something like this, it’s very easy to feel lost or alone.

Thankfully I’ve not only had my friends and family beside me, but I’ve had strangers and whole communities pulling for me and believing in me. The day the North Country Chevy Dealers showed up to my therapy session with a brand new Chevy Equinox to give me – I was blown away.

As they explained what they were doing, and how easy it was for them to come to this decision, I realized how they were doing this only out of the desire to help. This was all done out of the goodness of their hearts.

I started to imagine regaining a sense of independence and normalcy that I had lost. I realized how lucky I was to have met such kind and generous people, and I realized that I had more people than I could have imagined cheering me on.

The North Country Chevy Dealers have inspired me to fight hard, and I know that they will always be hoping for nothing but the best for me. Thanks to them, I’m able to Find New Roads, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. #StefFindsNewRoads #StefStrong

If you would like to support Stefanie’s cause, please visit here. For inquiries please email info@steffindsnrewroads.com or call (802)-397-9137.

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