WCAX: “It’s The Little Things”

🚨News Flash: I went for a drive with the WCAX crew the other day! I was able to update them one everything that’s changed since I last spoke with them in July.

This journey is never easy and it’s the little things that you took for granted that end up being the biggest changes to adjust to – like driving.

When The North Country Chevy Dealers gifted me this SUV, it didn’t feel real at first, but now I’ve gained a little bit of normalcy back in my life.

You can read more HERE.

Thank you, WCAX for following up with my story!

#StefFindsNewRoads #StefStrong #NorthCountryChevyDealers

For inquiries please email info@steffindsnrewroads.com or call (802)-397-9137.

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