Rutland Chamber Of Commerce Annual Meeting

🚨 News Flash: I had the opportunity to speak at the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting! 

I spoke about my 2018 accident, my recovery proccess, and everything I’ve learned about strength and resilience on this journey.

I’ve faced certain disappointments, but I’ve also learned how to face those disappointments, dig deep, create goals for myself, and meet them.

“I think we all tend to underestimate ourselves and until we jump into a challenge with everything that we have and all the support that we can find, we will never know what we are truly capable of.”

You can read more HERE.

Thank you to the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce for having me!

#StefFindsNewRoads #StefStrong #NorthCountryChevyDealers

For inquiries please email or call (802)-397-9137.

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